About Us

The Alliance is committed to fostering sensitivity for LGBTQ court employees and users of the courts, attorneys as well as litigants/ members of the public. In order to accomplish our mission, we run events throughout the courts in New York State for Pride Month and more; we run an outreach program to help LGBTQ community to pursue careers in the courts, advocate for the promotion of LGBTQ court employees, and more...
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The Alliance Officers and Regional Directors are available to be of assistance in a variety of capacities.

For general support, contact President Marc Levine or Vice-President Lois Robb

For donations, membership questions, etc., contact our treasurer, Lenny Rosenblatt

For general correspondence, submissions, etc., contact our Corresponding Secretary Dawn Cunningham

For question about meetings, contact Recording Secretary Scott Caplan

For local support, contact one of the following regional representatives:

New York County/ Manhattan: Christopher DiSanto

Kings County/ Brooklyn: Charles Blaha

Queens County: Maria Bradley

Richmond County/ Staten Island: Peter DeLizzo

Bronx County: Gilbert Rodriguez

Upstate New York: Ron Pawelczak

Alliance Annual Meeting on      March 18, 2015
Featured Speaker:
Dennis Quirk
President of the New York State Court Officers Association 
Plus, this will be the Elections for all officers and board members of the Alliance.
[Note that annual dues is $10 for the calendar year]
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 6 PM
in Supreme Court, Criminal Term of New York County
100 Centre Street in Manhattan, Room tba
Making the courts friendly for LGBT court employees and users of the court system. An outreach program to assist LGBTQ people in pursuing careers in the court system

Officers and Regional Representatives are available to provide various types of support.

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Alliance holding our Fifth Annual Dinner/Dance Wedneesday, April 29.
Our Keynote Speaker will be:
Hon. A. Gail Prudenti
Chief Administrative Judge of the New York State Unified Court SYstem
Our Guests of Honor will be:
Hon. Lawrence Knipel
Administrative Judge of Supreme Court, Civil Term in Kings County
Hon. Frank Seddio
Former Surrogate of Kings County
and Former Assemblymember 
The Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Advocates for the Right to Free Gender Identity and Expression
Receiving the Award for Lifetime Achievement will be:
Hon. Marcy Kahn
Justice of the Supreme Court, New York County 
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